my philosophy

I grew up in a small town in The Netherlands, where escapism into cinema became my life line. Image creation, both still and moving, became a tool to explore my life experiences, and express and communicate complex feelings and emotions. It empowered me, and it has become the way I see and experience life, and through which I am trying to make sense of it all.

I am intuitively drawn to, and fascinated by the complexities and fragility of human existence, the darker side of our human mind. Our conscious, subconscious, and behaviour. The self. Image creation lifts the veil on the human experience. It explores the nature of our existence and emphasizes the experience of the feeling, living human individual, and the fundamental nature of reality.

Cinema is an art form which allows us to transcend into something far bigger, and explore philosophical questions about life, death, and our deepest values and meanings by which we live. It is visual poetry: emotionally resounding paintings, created from the broken and disturbed. You can’t create from something that isn’t broken, or imperfect.

Imagery has the capacity to move us into unknown emotional depths. They contain energy. A visceral-ness. I strive for my imagery to have a sensitive and distinct point of view on the world, and to carry a personality and a distinct style. Capturing life in an eternal, intriguing way.

I seek to leave behind a legacy which is etched into the minds of others.

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