INTROSPECTION / photographic exhibition

photographic exhibition
22 giclée prints, the old vic, london

Introspection marks the beginning of a series of works in which Evelin examines her own psychological states and processes, and their relation to the body. It carries a sense of duality and fragmentation, as some photographs are self-exposing portraits, while others are concealing through blur and abstraction. Some carry an intimacy, while others are more distant, each containing an underlying vulnerability and uncertainty, further emphasised by the small format of the photographs.

At the root of Evelin’s exploration of the self lies her interest in and fascination with gender, sexuality, (mis)representation, sexual objectification, feminism, the male and female gaze, and the patriarchy. In previous film installation pieces, she started to explore the tension between the female as object – a seductive relationship with the audience, and secondly, the female as subject – a more truthful and autonomous presentation. This exploration is set forward in Introspection.