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low island: if you could have it all again
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"Oxford quartet Low Island release their highly anticipated debut album ‘If You Could Have It All Again’ via their own label Emotional Interference. Describing the album as the product of "ten years of trying to make things work – in music, but also in life," lead vocalist Carlos Posada recounts "a litany of romantic disasters that have coloured the last ten years of my life". It sees him inhabiting a loose character that looks back at the last decade, and says – in his words – "Have I just really fucked this up? Have I made a royal mess of the last ten years?

This reference to a character teases at the literary and pop-culture touchstones for the record. Wistful protagonists caught in a constant nostalgia, perpetually feeling their best days are behind them - think Watanabe in Norwegian Wood, Malcolm from A Little Life, Emma from People, Places, Things, Holden from Catcher In The Rye.

Whilst the sorrow of a lost twenties is evident in a lot of the album there’s hope among the chaos and the loss too. Playing with light and shade sonically, visually and thematically, Low Island succinctly express how one can’t exist without the other, and learn to embrace the contrast.

Recorded, produced and engineered by the band at their makeshift studio in rural France, and set to be released on their own label Emotional Interference - ‘If You Could Have It All Again’ sees the band fully taking the reins over their own destiny, and becoming a DIY machine." - Low Island