drama, thriller
in production

Series 1, Episode 4-6
Channel 4

press: Deadline

Cinematographer John Lynch ISC set the look for this new 6-part Channel 4 series. A group of old friends reunited at a funeral make a drunken pact. Rather than let each other suffer a slow and painful decline they would engineer a dignified death, a.k.a assisted suicide. But what starts out as a fanciful idea soon morphs into shocking reality.

writers: Charlie Covell, & Iain Weatherby
executive producers: Emily Harrison, Andy Baker, Petra Friend, Charlie Covell, & Iain Weatherby
producer: Alex Walsh-Taylor
directors: Elliot Hegarty (ep 1-3), and Rachna Suri (ep 4-6)
production company: Clerkenwell Films
distributor: Channel 4
location: Bristol