Cannes Film Festival, 2022
Angénieux Special Encouragement Award

Underwire Film Festival, 2022
Nomination Cinematography Award for 'Limbo'

Firenze Film Festival, 2021
Best Cinematographer for 'The Severing'

British Society of Cinematographers, 2019
Nomination Short Film Cinematography Awards for 'Changeling'

Underwire Film Festival, 2019
Nomination Cinematography Award for 'Innozenz'
Nomination Cinematography Award for 'Gold Star'

Frēsh, 2019
Cinematography Carbon Award for '12 Days of Performance: Holly Blakey'

British Society of Cinematographers, 2018
Nomination Short Film Cinematography Award for 'Innozenz'

Frēsh, 2018
Cinematography Carbon Award for 'I'll Probably Never See You Again'


The Wrap, 2022
Cannes Film Festival 2022 Portrait Gallery

RTL, 2022
On-camera interview at Cannes Film Festival

British Cinematographer Magazine, 2022
Winning touch, Evelin receives Angénieux Special Encouragement Award at Cannes Film Festival.

French Society of Cinematographers, 2022
La cheffe opératrice Evelin van Rei à l’honneur du "Film français" quotidien

Le Film français, 2022
Recipient Angénieux Special Encouragement Award at Cannes Film Festival

Filmmakers World, 2022
FilmmakersWorld x Angénieux at Cannes Film Festival 2022

Angénieux Festival Brochure, 2022
Special Encouragement Award

British Cinematographer Magazine, 2022
Evelin van Rei to receive Angénieux Special Encouragement award at Cannes Film Festival

British Cinematographer Magazine, 2022
Behind the Scenes: 'A New Perspective on Vera'

Kodak Magazine Magazine, 2021
DP Evelin van Rei delivers evocative memory sequences for Channel 4's acclaimed true-crime drama 'Deceit'

British Cinematographer Magazine, 2019
Meet the New Wave: Evelin van Rei 'Visceral Artist'

Fabrik, 2018
Fabrik Hero: A Sensitive & Distinct Point of View


The Old Vic Theatre, solo, 2017

SqArt Craftwerk, Golden Square, group, 2013
Scattered with Puncture

Ruskin Gallery, group, 2012